3 Details That Matter in Dealership Marketing Online

No one disputes the importance of the internet in dealership marketing. But how much is too much and what details matter the most when it comes to closing deals? Here are three details that you shouldn’t overlook.

(1) Use a proprietary email address

Your mydealership@gmail or yahoo.com email address does not impress anyone. In fact, it’s a reason not to trust your professional credentials and can be a stopping point in a sale.

(2) Use a customer relationship management (CRM) program

In dealership marketing, data is your friend when it comes to understanding the value of your customers. Every piece of marketing whether it is offline or online should contribute to your database. With data, you can make the customer feel special every time they walk into or interact with your dealership.

(3) SEM is king but don’t forget about search engine optimization

Search Engine marketing is your targeted missile to reach in-market customers but SEO is a crucial foundation to your web presence. Think of it like your 401k. It’s a long-term investment that does not pay dividends at day one. Pay particular attention to the changes in Google’s algorithms. As easy way to game the system is to use Google products — including YouTube and Google Docs — whenever you can. This can help keep your dealership at the top of the online search results.