3 Reasons Why You Should be Uploading Video Natively to Facebook

There are so many different video hosting platforms available for brands to use, it can be challenging to know which platform to choose for the best ROI.

As you are probably already aware, uploading your videos directly to Facebook gives your brand the potential to reach an incredibly vast audience. Over 4 billion viewers are watched per day on the platform.

Here are 3 reasons to upload video natively to Facebook.

(1) Viewer Engagement

Facebook owns the day in terms of viewer engagement, particularly when compared to YouTube.

Since it’s a native social platform (YouTube in a marketers world is essentially a search engine), it’s built-in capability to like, comment and share can quickly amplify your video across the network. Of these, sharing is the most valuable and the hardest to generate.

Facebook natively uploaded video definitely performs best right the first 24 hours after upload. In a recent Rhett and Link campaign for Wendy’s 50% of Facebook total video views took place on day 1 compared to 20% of YouTube viewers. However, the video saw more long-term engagement on YouTube.

(2) Autoplay and View Counts

Only videos that are uploaded natively to Facebook receive view counts.

The autoplay feature on a Facebook video will count as a view without any user interaction. With a 3 second threshold, this means that your view counts go up quickly. In a social world, this is the equivalent of a popularity score. It doesn’t mean much as a measure of your engagement, but it does give your potential viewers a quick indication that this is a piece of content that I should watch.

Facebook Video Insights give you an in-depth look at how your audience is interacting with your content. Divide your 30 second views by the total video views and you’ll get an engagement rate for your video content.

(3) Call-To-Action Feature

With your Facebook business page comes the ability to add a call-to-action at the end of your video. You can drive users towards another piece of video content like a link to a video hosted on another platform.