4 Tips For Maximizing Your Video Views on Facebook

Having a video strategy for your Facebook page is crucial to maximizing your organic reach. With the changes to the Newsfeed algorithm, Facebook is now prioritizing video over other types of post content. Use these 4 tips to maximize your video views on Facebook.


Be sure to give away the “hook” of your video within the first few seconds. We have short attention spans on social. Facebook has leveled the playing field with their auto-play feature but if your video doesn’t involve cute kittens or puppies, you’ll quickly lose your potential viewer if you’re going for a slow build in your video. You want to ensure that viewers understand your point, regardless of how long they watch for.


Facebook videos autoplay in user feeds. This often results in amazing reach — but that amazing reach comes with a price, no sound. Use subtitles or informative animations to be sure that your content is clear and understandable with or without sound.

Take some inspiration from Hotels.com and their agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Instead of trying to work around their clip airing in silence, they had some fun with it.

Watch their video ad below. For full effect, mute the sound for the “Newsfeed” experience.

Our first impression in the silent autoplay version of the ad, it appears the spokeofficer Captain Obvious is playing the piano. It only becomes apparent through the subtitles and then activating the sound for the video, that he is actually just pretending to play and wouldn’t know Mozart from chopsticks. The video currently has 2.3 million views. 



Be sure to make your first few frames visually attractive, and the copy of your post tight and interesting. Users on mobile scroll through their feeds at a rapid pace, and you need to catch their eye before you can keep it. Viewers decide within the first 2 seconds whether or not they’ll finish watching a video.


The recommended length of video on Facebook is less than one minute. Focus on only making 1-3 points.