5 Easy Steps to Create a Buyer Persona

Who is your ideal customer? It’s surprising how many businesses still use the “women 25-54” other another purely age and gender-driven grouping as their primary means of profiling their target customers.

5 easy steps to create a buyer persona
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A buyer persona is an essential part of a marketing strategy. A buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customer groups. They are rooted in market research and your data about your existing customers.  Who is buying your product or services? Age and gender should pay a role here but it shouldn’t be the defining factor. Weave in geographic area, lifestyle trends, and complementary interests.  Identify what problem your business or product solves for them. How does your buyer or customer spend a typical day? What is their role in their business or family?

(1) Segment Your Best Customers

Look at your existing database to segment out your best customers by revenue or frequency of purchase. These will be the template for the new customers you want to bring to your business.

(2) Write Down What You Know

What demographic does the top 5-20% of your customers fall into? What values do they have? What problems do they need to solve? You’ll be able to glean valuable insights from just looking at your existing database. No need for outside research!

(3) Identify Trends and Consistencies

What patterns do your best customers share in the way they live their lives and interact with your business? Look critically at where your customers get the information that informs their decisions about your business product or service.

(4) Change Your Perspective

Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine you are your own customer, or the customer of your competitor. Why should you choose one company over the other? What emotions and rationale lies behind that decision? At this step, it’s often valuable to have a conversation with your best customers and ask for their feedback. Their answers might surprise you!

(5) Name Them

Give your buyer persona an identity and a name. Assign a picture to each one of your personas (you might have several!). Assign a gender and a back story. It will help your team and key stake-holders relate to this customer segment more easily.

Use your buyer personas to build and refine your marketing strategy to drive growth and a return on your marketing investments!