American’s Aren’t Watching Less TV

In marketing circles, digital devices are all the rage. They are increasing in time spent, capturing our attention more and more. But this does not necessarily mean that TV viewership is declining.

Time spent using mobile surpassed TV for the first time this summer; however, that growth does not come at the expense of TV viewership. In fact, TV viewership has been at a steady 2 hours and 48 minutes daily for the last two years.

time spent on mobile devices vs tv

Why does the growth in mobile time spent not translate into a decline in television time spent?

One answer is that mobile are often used while watching TV. We are a generation of multi-taskers. According to Nielsen, 84% of mobile users (both mobile and tablet) use their device as a second screen while watching television.

Another possible answer is that American’s still love the big screen.  It’s just a different experience watching your favorite show on a 50 inch HD screen than on your mobile phone.