Smartphone users overwhelmingly prefer this type of video ad

Consumers overwhelmingly prefer short video ads, particularly on their smartphones.

Smartphone users have an overwhelming preference for this type of video ad (1)

According to a Yahoo survey, approximately 61% of consumers say that length is what matters most to them when viewing a video ad on their smartphone — that’s 3x more than the percentage that prefer relevance!

Smartphone users prefer short video ads
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The data also shows that length continues to be important when ads are viewed on tablets or desktops, but the percentage drops to around 45%.

Prioritize Length

When you are planning your campaigns, prioritize length when programming for the smaller smartphone screen. TV-quality creative and interactivity are not as important on smartphones as they are on tablets or PCs. Here at Tribune Media South Florida, we require all video advertising to be 15 seconds or less. With over 70% of our traffic coming from mobile devices, length is of paramount importance to our user experience.

But Relevance Still Matters

The requirement of relevance is a tougher nut to crack. It means that you can’t scattershot your ad buys but instead, must use targeting to make sure you’re showing your ad to a consumer that would want to see it. Facebook video advertising is an excellent method to doing this at scale.