4 Tips To Step Up Your Success on Facebook

Facebook is the broadcast television of social media. It is the most widely adopted social network boosting over 1.3 billion users.

How do you know what kind of content is going to bring you the widest possible audience? Here are four easy tips to step up your brand’s success on Facebook.

(1) Be Visual

Post visual content to grab your audience’s attention as they scroll through their news feed. Not only will a photo or video be more eye-catching, it also phsyically takes up more space on a users News Feed. This gives you a greater opportunity to engage.

Video will often give you a greater reach potential on Facebook. But there are some key guidelines to remember. Shorter is better. Facebook is not YouTube. Shorter, snappier clips tend to do better and the first 3 seconds are crucial in capturing a viewers attention. Facebook videos autoplay and start without sound. Consider using an opening with text to grab the users attention and set up what story you are telling with your content.

PIX11 Media Solutions, in their native branded video created for Larceny Bourbon, used text in the opening 2 seconds to achieve a 48.8% view rate (videos views/people reached) for our Cocktail Recipe video.


Photos also work well on Facebook especially if they are of real people, use bright, attention grabbing colors and include faces. If you’re using stock photography, proceed with caution. If it looks like it could have come from a picture frame in Target, do not use it. Your audience can identify these easily and will ignore them.

Share photos of your employees, your products, your clients…this will add energy and interest to your page.

(2) Let Your Audience Dictate Your Posting Schedule

Just because you’re at work and posting to Facebook, doesn’t mean that your Facebook audience is active. You will maximize engagement by posting when they are the most active. Look at your Insights section to do some research on the days and times that are best.

Consider the habits of your audience and adjust accordingly. For example, if your brand’s audience are made up of new mothers/parents, posting earlier in the day can help get your content seen. According to Facebook’s “Moment’s that Matter”:

New parents are active on Facebook in the wee hours, starting their first mobile sessions as early as 4am and peaking at 7am. By 7am, 56% of new parents on mobile have visited Facebook for their first mobile session of the day. Comparatively, 45% of non-parents have logged into Facebook by 7am.

(3) Use hashtags sparingly

Facebook is not the platform to go crazy with hashtags. Use them sparingly with a maximum of one or two per post. #theygetannoying #noreally

(4) ‘Boost’ Some Content To Maximize Reach

The relationship between paid and organic content is a symbiotic one. By boosting key pieces of content through paid advertising, you’ll get a lift in the visibility of your organic content. You also have the opportunity to gain new fans which can help future engagement.

Set a weekly or monthly budget for your boosts and run a variety of paid campaigns across your content. You will be pleasantly surprised at how effective $50 – $75 dollars can be, particularly if you have a small audience.

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