Google’s Mobile Search Updated Explained

‘Mobilegeddon’ is here. Google is implementing a significant change to its search algorithm this week (April 21).

The change will affect your site’s search ranking on smartphones and tablets.

Why is this update important?

In 2012, just a quarter of search queries took place on a mobile device. In just three years, that share has grown to over 56% percent. By 2020, mobile will take an estimated 69% of all search queries (see chart below).

Google Search Dominated by Mobile Queries

Google determines “mobile-friendliness” by the load time of your mobile site and if a user can access your site content without scrolling left or right on their screen.

Who benefits from this update?

The change to the search algorithm ultimately benefits consumers because it creates an immediate incentive for companies to invest in optimizing their sites for mobile.

Who will this update hurt?

Companies who do not have responsive designed sites or who have poorly designed sites may see lower rankings in organic search. This is especially important for sites that rely on Google-driven traffic.