[INFOGRAPHIC] The Numbers Behind Why You Should Rethink Your Approach to Facebook

Facebook is not making it easy for brands to reach their followers. After a January change to the algorithm, we are yet again faced with diminishing returns on our Facebook posts.

Since 2012, organic reach on brand Facebook posts has been trending downward. Back in February of 2012, 16% of your hard-won followers saw your posts in their newsfeeds. By March 2014 that percentage had fallen to 6.51%. Now, brands can expect, if their are doing a great job on the content side, to reach 2-8% of their followers with their posts.

Facebook has the upper hand in this game we are playing. If your posts:

  1. Push your fans to buy a product or download an app
  2. Push your fans to enter a sweepstakes without additional context
  3. Reuse identical content from ads

your page will be penalized with a reduction in your organic reach. In order to do those three things listed above, Facebook wants you to buy advertising from them.

So what can you do?

1. Go Native: Post videos directly to Facebook. Videos on Facebook are generating more than 1 billion daily views AND you don’t have to deal with the clutter of YouTube.

2. Invest in Instagram: Engagement lives here. Instagram boasts 58x higher per-follower engagement for top brands than on Facebook. But know the limits of the app as well as the brand benefits. 

3. Get Back to Basics:  Focus on the media and follower information YOU own: your website and your email database.


The End of the Facebook Free-For-All for Brands

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