Q: How do I establish and build my company’s brand?

First and foremost you must know who you are before you can tell other people who you are.

What is your company’s mission? What are the unique benefits and features of your product or services? What do your customers and potential customers already think of you? What qualities do you want them to associate with your company?

Answer those questions. Write down the answers. Then repeat, repeat, repeat. Be absolutely consistent in your brand messaging. Make sure your staff knows your company mission by heart.

You’ll need a logo. It’s worth the money to have one professionally designed. Put that logo everywhere…on your website, your company shirts, your business cards. Create a brand design guide that governs how your logo can be used. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just consistent.

You’ll need a tagline. It needs to be short, concise and directly address your unique value proposition. Some tricks: a series of three words always works well. Also, try making it negative. That’s what you’re effectively saying your competition is.

Now create a “personality” for your brand. If it was a person, how would it speak? Conversationally with jokes and sarcasm? Or high-brow and formal? Use that voice in all of your marketing materials.