How to Use Geo-targeting to Drive In-store Traffic

Online marketing gives you the ability to efficiently broadcast your message to millions of potential customers. Marketing on smartphones allows you to reach shoppers with the device they have in their hands. But what if you could customize your mobile messages to your potential consumer’s exact location at any given time? You can — with geo-targeting.

The same GPS technology that allows you to use Google Maps to find the best route home is the technology that can deliver targeted, highly specific and time-sensitive offers to drive foot traffic to your store locations.

Geo-targeted campaign results are impressive. Gordman’s, a regional department store, saw a 200% increase in it’s Facebook ad click-through rates when ads included city names.¹ On average, dynamically localized ads have a 70% higher click-through rate than similar generic ads according to Victor Wong, CEO of PaperG.¹

Where should you start? Geo-fence.

Create “geo-fenced” mobile campaigns that push offers only within specific areas around your store locations. You can also geo-fence other locations that your customers typically frequent. Where else does your customer typically go in their daily routine? Where do they typically shop?

If you sell yoga apparel, geo-fence your studio locations and local gyms.  Are your customers football fans? Geo-fence the Miami area stadiums.

Use location data in your messaging. Tribune Media South Florida can help you dynamically add the distance to your closest location within a mobile ad.

Combine your geo-fencing with weather data for enhanced targeting. For example, you can use temperature data to offer special deals on air conditioners when the temperature rises above 90 degrees. And you can acknowledge the temperature or weather condition in the ad creative: “Hey Miami, it’s raining out! Perfect weather to get those indoor painting projects done! Here’s $5 off a gallon of paint. Ace Hardware is only .2 miles away!”

How do I know if my campaign worked?

Measure your campaign results by using a “click-to-map” or “click to call” functionality in your ad creative. Tribune Media South Florida can track these indicators of purchase intent to give you a guage on how many people likely visited your stores. You can also track redemption rates on an offer promoted in your creative.

¹O’Malley, Gavin. “Localized Creative Improves Click-Through Rates, Engagement,” Online Media Daily, March 26, 2012.