Reaching Latino Car Buyers Using Spanish-Language Marketing

Latinos have become a force in auto retailing.

In the next 12 months, Latinos are expected to purchase 1.9 million new vehicles in the United States. That’s 18% of total expected new car sales.

Automotive advertising is a hyper-competitive vertical. Dealerships willing to advertise and create content in Spanish face little in the way of competition to reach these valuable Latino car buyers.

According to Ricky Lopez, Internet Director at David Maus Toyota in Sanford, Florida it’s about matching the right messaging to the right audience and then, the right sales people.(1)

Language plays a large influence when advertising to bilingual consumers. A 2014 neuroscience study by Nielsen, Univision and SMG Multicultural compared the effectiveness of nearly identical messaging in both languages. The Spanish version consistently out-performed the English version.(2)

As consumers, Latinos readily use digital platforms to steer their decision-making. Online video and mobile advertising should be prioritized when targeting this group.



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