Video Tops List of Most Effective Drivers of Mobile App Installs

Video tops the list of most effective drivers of mobile app installs according to a new study by AdColony.

The study surveyed the top 100 earning publishers to see how they were marketing their apps in 2015 and the trends that will be driving mobile app spend into 2016.

Video is most effective at driving mobile app installs.

Over 90% of mobile app marketers used full-screen video, in-feed display, interstitials and display banner ads in 2015. However, use does not directly translate to effectiveness. The only channel to break the 90% barrier for effectiveness was full-screen video.

Most used versus most effective drivers of mobile app installs 2015

Marketers consider full-screen video as the most effective channel to drive mobile app installs. 93% of those surveyed said full-screen video was effective. 97% of app marketers included full-screen video as a part of their spend in the second half of 2015.


Video spend is accelerating.

Video and social command the largest percentage of app install campaign budgets with 34% and 35% respectively. While social spend is plateauing, video spend is increasing. In the second half of 2015, 24.1% of marketers increased their spend in video. 44% of marketers are “most excited” about video as a promotional channel in 2016.

Television is more important than ever.

Spending and attention in television is increasing. Television drives mass awareness and can improve install rates. 36% of app marketers used television in 2015. Television also came in third behind video and social as the “most exciting” format for 2016.  

Here is the full presentation from AdColony.