3 Simple Ways to Find New Customers

Here are three simple ways to find new customers.

1. Advertising

Successful advertising means that you receive new customers in exchange for the money you spend. Make sure that your advertising message has a clear call-to-action and that you are offering a real benefit.

2. Referrals

Referrals are often the highest quality new customers. Referral customers have the highest retention rates and tend to purchase more over time. And they are relatively cheap. How to find them? Ask! Target your most satisfied customers and be sure to offer them a ‘thank you’ benefit for their on-going support of your business.

3. Strategic Partnerships

Strike up a strategic partnership with a complementary business. This can be short-term or can last many years. Make sure the businesses have shared or overlapping audiences. For example, if you’re a luxury car dealership, you might align your business with a luxury watch company. You both can offer exclusive discounts to each other’s customers producing a stream of referral business.