Why Marketers Cannot Ignore Facebook Video in 2016

Marketers cannot ignore Facebook when building out a video marketing strategy in 2016.

According to Socialbakers data, top brands published +3,100 videos to the social media platform in October 2015 alone. In November, the platform claimed that it received nearly 8 billion video views per day.

Top US brands still upload more videos to YouTube than any other platform, but this represents a 145% increase in brand uploads year-over-year and a doubling of view volume in only 7 months.

[bctt tweet=”Facebook has seen 145% increase in brand video uploads YOY and 2x view volume in only 7 months.”]

We expect these numbers will only increase in 2016 as Facebook makes adjustments to go even more video-centric. 2015 saw the beginning of autoplay/no sound videos on our newsfeeds. There are also reported experiments with a standalone video portal and suggested video feature to be rolled out in 2016.

It’s important to integrate an understanding of how video best functions on Facebook and how that is different for the competing video platforms. Facebook videos do the best within 24 hours of launch and as we have noted previously, Facebook owns the day in terms of viewer engagement, particularly when compared to YouTube.