You’ve probably seen personality and trivia quizzes all over the Internet and making the rounds in your Facebook Newsfeed. People will absolutely take 60 seconds out of their day to take a quiz.

Quizzes are fun and entertaining, but can also teach your audience something. Their low barrier to enter makes them practically
irresistible. They also work great on any device, meaning people can easily take your quiz and share their results anytime, anywhere!

Quiz questions also represent an opportunity to collect a wealth of data about your customers. Even a simple question like “Which vacation do you want to take next?” could lead to valuable information about the user’s interests or budget based on their answer.

Whether you are looking for actionable leads, collecting consumer profile data, or just to highlight your business, products, or services… Whatever the goal, a quiz is a perfect way for you to obtain results.

Take a look at the two we created about our station superheroes and shows:

cw super vamp quiz.PNG

Looking for something different? Why not run a contest or sweepstakes?

One of the best ways to grow your email list and ensure that your messages are reaching the broadest possible audience is by running simple enter-to-win sweepstakes contests and including an email opt-in checkbox on every single entry form.

But that’s not it! Sweepstakes encourage social sharing, have a low barrier to entry, are easy to set up and run, you can run as many as you want, but most importantly, your audience will never get sick of them.

Everyone loves free stuff and everyone loves a chance to win, so your audience is never going to get tired of your giveaways. So when it comes to sweepstakes, there’s no such thing as too many!

Have other ideas? We can get creative.