SFL Digital Media’s Video Campaigns target the right audience regardless of where they are. We deliver high impact, high placement, and offer inventory across all devices and platforms. What does that mean for your business? A real-time, loyal, local, CAPTIVE audience!


Hyper target your desired audience, deliver compelling, interactive creative, and watch your website traffic skyrocket. The best part? We provide you with the names and addresses of every internet user who opens your email! Add them to your database, or measure your ROI! The choice is yours.


Highly targeted mobile advertising puts your message in the palm of your customer’s hand.  As Mobile has surpassed Desktop in the number of people accessing the Internet, the usage numbers have increased as well by 2/3rds!


67% of online adults use social networking sites in the U.S. Use that to your advantage. Be a part of the advanced marketing strategy & put your message in front of your ideal consumer! Social Media offers more opportunities to convert consumers into brand loyalists and legitimize brand awareness.

nativeContent Marketing

Instead of pitching products or services, brands are delivering information that makes buyers more intelligent, or delighted. The essence of this content strategy is the belief that if businesses deliver consistent, ongoing value to buyers, buyers will reward them with their business and loyalty.

Present yourself and your business as a credible industry expert. By placing this content among news stories and other similar content, you are encouraging engagement and trust with your perspective clients!


Great for immediate conversion! Appear to your audience the moment they search for your product, service, or competitor! The best news? If they don’t click, you don’t pay!

audienceAudience Extension

Reach your target audiences in any zip code or DMA across thousands of national and local websites. Increase your message placement and expand your reach to target your ideal audience.  We can precisely locate your ideal customer anywhere and on any device across thousands of websites.