Audience Extension

You’re not buying impressions on a website.  You’re buying a specific audience.  And that audience consumes web content based more on the content than the location.

Think about how you browse content on the web, and how many times you find yourself on sites outside of your hometown.  You follow the content, not necessarily the sources.

So how do you find and follow your target audience without wasting impressions?
Tribune Media SFL can help you.

Audience extension lets you buy from us, and follow your audience to serve ads on the sites they’re already visiting.  No more running a dozen different campaigns with a dozen different companies, hoping to find your audience in the mix.  Our network is big enough to find them wherever they go.

Your audience lives, works, and plays in a specific geographic location, and reads web content from all over the United States.  Tribune Media SFL can target to DMA, zip code, city, or even a radius around your business, and still follow and deliver your message to your audience wherever they go online.audience.png

Tribune Media SFL’s audience extension takes the guesswork out of targeting, so you can reach exactly the person you want to be your customer.  Need moms making health decisions?  Sports fanatics?  Holiday shoppers? We have access to the segments you need, from behavior and category-specific segments, to age, gender, lifestyle, income, and education demographics.

We can also use retargeting to “follow up” with consumers who visit your site by serving them your ads as they continue to travel the web.  Dynamic retargeting allows us to create custom ads based on the products they viewed while on your site.  And programmatic advertising allows us to automatically purchase and serve ads in real-time based on your specific audience criteria, so you don’t serve wasted impressions to people who aren’t likely to use your services.

Reach your audience wherever they are to drive foot traffic, sales, and brand engagement. Take advantage of our unique opportunities like our mobile messaging platform, a banner that looks like a breaking news banner that creates greater engagement than a static banner, to reach they right customer, avoid waste, and obtain a high CTR to give you results. Cool, right?  And you can do it with Tribune Media SFL’s audience extension.