Why email?  There’s only one reason: it works.

Tribune Media SFL has acres to over 200 million deliverable double-opt-in email addresses that are 100% CAN SPAM compliant.  And we identify users who are currently in the market for your product, or within your target geography and demographics.

emailDid you know: 92% of adults use e-mail, with 61% using it on an average day in the U.S.?1

We can help build out your message, imagery, and call to action for each email deployment.  It’s hugely effective, with a guaranteed open rate of 15% and an average CTR of 6-10%.

Targeted Email Marketing can replace your Direct mail efforts and provide you with more insight into how your message is affecting the buying decisions of consumers. Using email we are able to customize a plan to reach your target audience based on demographics, online behavior and interested, income and many other selects. We know your audience and we guarantee they are interested in your message.

Ready to go to the next level? Tribune Media SFL can view the name and physical addresses of those who opened your email messages.  With that information, we can then re-engage prospects who engaged with your original email with IP targeting or a follow-up email.  Once the email campaign has run, Tribune Media SFL can compare our list of email recipients with your list of customers, and see who completed your goal, whether it was purchasing a product, scheduling an appointment, or signing up for a newsletter.

1 Pew Research, 2016