Of course we do mobile ad placement through mobile web browsing and social media. But we also reach your audience with leading advanced audience targeting and pinpoint location-based targeting.

We live mobile lives – why not advertise there too?

Tribune Media SFL carries our in-depth targeting capabilities into our mobile campaigns to bring you the best reach possible.  We can focus on geography, behavior, device, category, and time of day.  We can use household extension to target all devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network, reaching multiple users in one family with the same message.  We can also re-target to require those who’ve already been to your site – there’s a 170% increase in click-through rate for mobile re-targeting vs. display re-targeting.

Not only are more and more consumers spending time on their Mobile devices, but Mobile activity is App driven. Over 80%. Can you believe that? With In-app advertising, you can now target consumers where they spend the most time on their mobile phones. In-app marketing works on any GPS-enabled mobile device. We have the ability to target precise locations – and even target customers and competitors’ locations.

Want to target mobile ads to people near your business?  We can do that.  Geo-fencing provides real-time targeting of customers near a specified location.  You can target by attributes such as geography, category, and brand, even targeting for places like airports, shopping malls, retail brands, and others.

Custom responsive sites, landing pages, mobileand micro-sites can be built to drive specific action, and optimize mobile user experience.  And SEM mobile optimization means that we can maximize your mobile search to get better results in the palm of your customer’s hand.

There are more than 2 billion smartphones globally.1 Are you ready to be on them?

1Adobe 2014 Mobile Consumer Survey Results