Be there when consumers are ready to act. Drive qualified, relevant traffic to your website at the lowest cost possible.

The benefits of search engine optimization and search engine marketing are enhanced web authority, better marketing copy and site architecture, increased site traffic, and higher rankings in both paid and organic listings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Tribune Media SFL can help you.  Here’s why you should let us.

  • SEO: Enhances websites to grow organic traffic, improve rankings, and enhance user experience.
  • SEM: Put your message in front of consumers who are actively searching for products and services.

As a Google SMB Premiere Partner, we maintain strict compliance guidelines in areas including campaign execution, optimization, performance tracking, and platform support.

Did you know: Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google AdWords?1

If you’re a seasoned SEO/SEM executive, we give you granular tracking and data model analysis you need for efficient and effective campaigns.  And if you’re more of an SEO/SEM novice, that’s okay, too.  We’ll help you understand and optimize your data.  We can do it for you, but we’re fully prepared to help you see the insights for yourself.

We offer full SEM services: keyword research, text ad composition, landing page selection, and optimization for them all.  We can also offer ad extensions: location, review, call-out, call, and site links.

Be at the top of search results as often as you want to, or as often as is profitable for you.

1Google Economic Impact 2015