You can do your own social campaigns, but when you use Tribune Media SFL, you get access to knowledgeable employees to track and optimize your efforts, delivering insights that you might miss.

Tribune Media SFL’s social marketing is a fun and effective way to reach your audience.

Explore your ad options and target the fans or followers that matter most to you.  Want to increase your social media engagement?  We can do that.  Want to get your Facebook fans to find their way to your website?  We can do that, too.  Want to increase your fan base by reaching out to new people?  Not only can we do that, but we can build audiences based off of your current fans, your competition’s fans, and target a specific audience based on location, demographic, interests, and hobbies.

Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to improve brand storytelling and to direct your user to the right place.

Tribune Media SFL also has a unique socialopportunity to combine contesting with social promotion to create a powerful lead generation mechanism for your business.  Many of our options (trivia, polls, drawings, photo galleries) can be customized to your market and business, all the way down to the colors and themes we use. (P.S. – Take a look at our promotions tab for more insight on how we can help you with our diverse and fun options.)

Ready to increase your following and reach? Social Advertising is right for you!