Commercials aren’t just for TV anymore. Reach consumers with your video ads on phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, too.

Video options like YouTube, Advanced TV and online pre-roll ads deliver the buying consideration and influence of television at a fraction of the TV price.  71% of marketers say video conversion rates outperform other marketing content.1

Tribune Media SFL can help your business take advantage of the many online video options available today.

Once you have your video message, we can help you build a campaign that places it in front of the right eyes.  We can target your video to customers by audience, keyword, interest, category, topic, and location.  We can also reach our extended audiences by region or demographic.

And what about the mix?  We can help you optimize between the many platform options: pre-roll, livestream, in-banner videos, promoted social posts, YouTube, hyperplay, and Advanced TV.  What are hyperplay and Advanced TV?  We’re glad you asked.

Hyperplay video lives within a news article that the customer views on their mobile device, through a trusted site like  The video plays automatically and allows the customer to interact with your brand by advancing or reversing the video frame-by-frame, or by clicking your custom call-to-action button, taking them directly to your site.

Advanced TV encompasses three great opportunities: Connected TV (CTV), Full Episode Player (FEP), Over-the-Top Advertising (OTT).

  • A Connected TV is any TV set that is integrated with the internet.  It could be a Smart TV, a gaming console like PlayStation or Xbox, a set-top box like Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, or other streaming device.
  • FEP is the most premium Advanced TV Advertising offering. Video ads are served strictly within full-length content.
  • OTT is a combination on Connected TV Advertising and Full Episode Player Advertising. OTT delivers cross-channel video ads to the viewer before, during or after their favorite movie, new TV show or popular clip on their preferred device.

In the last year, Connected TV video ad completion rates have remained steady at a 90%+.2

With so many video platforms popping up on so many devices, let Tribune Media SFL help you find the right one for your digital advertising mix.

1Marketingland, 2014
2Tube Mogul, 2015