The Weather Channel mobile, tablet, and web reaches 1.2 million unique adults in the Miami DMA.

That’s powerful.

Tribune Media SFL is the exclusive provider in the market for users, who are very comfortable telling us where they live.  Since 30% of the economy is weather-sensitive, we are able to drive consumer behavior and impact sales for many industries from automotive and HVAC to local events and food sales.

With Tribune Media SFL and The Weather Channel, you get strong radius-based alert capabilities with accurate location data, which lets us target at the zip code level.

We can also trigger digital ads when a specific weather condition is forecast within 72 hours (for example: an allergy ad serves because of a pollen alert).  This can be a powerful tool when weather changes as much as it does here in the South Florida.

Want to target your ads a specific group of people?  Sports fans? Auto intenders? Pet shoppers? We can do that. And it doesn’t stop there. The Weather Channel is continually processing real-world behaviors to create portraits of your ideal customer based on the places they visit. With these portraits you can ensure your ads are served to your potential customers.

Learn more with from The Weather Channel themselves in the video below: